The History Of Window Cleaning.

Window Cleaning, began when glass came into existence. It is uncertain when or where glass was first made. Research has shown that glass probably goes as far back as the second millennium before Christ in ancient Mesopotamia or Egypt.

Servants and housewives were the first people to clean windows. To do this job, they simply used a cloth, and a bucket full of water.

Window cleaners in Epson did not come about until the year 1860 when the construction industry began to grow.

During the early years of the 1900’s, a process called Chicago squeegee came into existence. This is very different to what we might know of this today. Back then, it was very heavy and bulky. It also came with twelve screws which had to be loosened. If this could not be done, then the two pink blades would have to be changed.

The Chicago squeegee was made out of fisherman tools. They used these tools to remove fish guts from their boating decks. In those days, this was the popular thing to do until the year 1936.

During 1936, an Italian man, Ettore Steccone, decided to create today’s squeegee. This tool has been created out off lightweight brass. It comes with one sharp, but very flexible rubber blade. Many professional window cleaners use this tool today.

Many window cleaners made the most of the squeegee up until the early 1900’s. From then, a water fed pole system was created. It is these systems that are used to clean water tanks and can reach up to as much as seventy feet. This allows window cleaners to work safely from the ground. This pole is the best tool to clean windows with. It is safe, and windows will also be kept clean for a longer period of time.

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